Backing up your Evernote notebooks isn’t overkill. It’s smart

Evernote is an excellent tool for saving you important information. Anytime you store notes, videos, photos or other documents in an Evernote notebook, not only is the information saved on your computer, tablet or smart phone, it’s also saved in Evernote’s servers. However, the tech site How-To Geek offers this warning: This is not really enough data security. Fortunately, How-To Geek also reveals how to provide more security by backing up your Evernote notebooks.

Not as secure as thought?

But this isn’t quite as secure as you may think. That’s because Evernote is a synching service, not a backup service. It’s entirely possible that some disaster – whether an accident or the work of a cybercriminal – to erase not only the files on your hard drive, but those stored on Evernote’s servers. Luckily for us, tech site How-To Geek explains just how you can create backups of your Evernote notebooks, a method to truly protect your most important data.


How-To Geek runs through several different methods for you to back-up your Evernote notebooks. Some are quite complicated. One of the simplest ways is to make use of Evernote’s “export” option.


To do this, first right-click on any notebook and pick the “Export Notes” option. In addition, you can export your notes in a variety of formats, including Evernote’s native one. Now, if you lose the notebook or the data it holds, you can select the “import” option to restore the exported notebook as a wholesale replacement for the notebook you lost.